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3D Print Quote from 3D Printing Services

Please upload your 3d model file from the upload button below. It will show you an estimate.
Then fill out your details & submit them. We will email you the exact 3d printing costs as soon as possible.

Please upload 3D files in .stl format. If there are any issues with uploading, please contact us
You can export to stl from most 3D cad programs.
Here are some popular Free 3D printing tools: NetFabb, MeshMixer, MeshLab, 123D, Tinkercad

Please note that a minimum order charge or minimum part charge may apply in some cases.

We offer FDM extrusion, SLA Resin, SLS Laser & Multi-Jet ( MJP / Objet ) 3D Printing

SLS parts are usually ready in around 5 days.

FDM parts are usually ready the next day.

FDM is available in ABS, PLA, Flexible, NInjaFlex, Wood, Metal Infills like Brass & Steel, Carbon Fibre, High Temperature resistant, High Impact Resistant etc

SLS laser is Nylon PA 12 only.

SLA resin available in clear resin, castable material, & higher strength resin.

MJP is available in hard plastic, soft rubber as well as any combination of mixed plastic & rubber for flexible parts.

For MJP & SLA, please Contact Us. The costs vary greatly from part to part & quantity ordered.

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  • PLA
  • ABS
  • Nylon PA12 (off-white colour)
  • SLS Laser 3D Printer
  • FDM Extrusion 3D Printer