3D Printing Competition NZ 2017 2017-01-04T20:33:06+00:00

3D Printing Competition 2017

Win Fantastic Prizes worth $500!

Free Entry for all New Zealanders!

3D Printing Services NZ 2017 competition

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Design should be made on a FDM Extrusion based 3D Printer (For eg Wanhao i3, D4, UP plus, Makerbot Replicator etc)

The design will be judged on originality, complexity, considerations given for the design etc, not just print quality, so dont hesitate to print it on any printer, even entry level printers are encouraged to enter.

The competition is not yet open.

Stay Tuned for more info.

Terms & Conditions apply:
Open only to New Zealand Residents. You must live in New Zealand Permanently as your place of Residence.
The winning entries will be requested to show proof of residence, otherwise the entry will be disqualified.
Competition not open to tourists, visitors, or people who do not call New Zealand home.
Only Individuals may apply – no other entities, organisations or businesses allowed.
3D Printing Services reserves the right to use images of winning design, winner details, winner photos & all related submitted information for promotional purposes.
Winner retains copyright to the design, however 3D Printing Services does not take responsibility from any copyright breaches that may occur should the design gain popularity.
3D Printing Services will state the winners name & location, but will not link the winners work to any company or organisation, & will not setup any URLs to the winners company, business or other professional publications.
If the winner has a personal online presence, 3D Printing Services may at its discretion choose to link to such a publication, based on discussions with the winners.