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Our 3D Print Service:

We offer 3D Printing for all budgets & requirements.
To find out which technology is right for you, please have a read of this page & check the sample photos printed with different 3d printers.

Budget FDM 3D Printing Service

If you are a hobbyist, a simple FDM 3d model printed on a standard low cost device will be very adequate, & cost very little.
$20 minimum charge

Budget FDM 3d print NZ small

Professional FDM Extrusion 3D Printing

If your design needs a more robust prototype, we offer a commercial FDM solution.
This provides more accuracy, better layer adhesion, nicer surface quality & much more part strength over the budget options.
$20 minimum charge

SLS Laser 3D Print Service

If your model has detail & needs to be used for functional demonstrations, SLS Laser 3d Printing makes for precise, strong & durable parts. It is by far the most versatile option as it opens up the possibilities of support-free 3d printing.
SLS parts are made using a powdered Nylon based material, which render the parts an inherent powder coated matte look – this is often very desirable for commercial parts.
$40 minimum

Train Engine sls 3d print small

SLA 3D Printing

If you have small parts that have minute detail such as intense organic curves, precise edge tolerances, thin walls, tiny gaps & need to render that detail, SLA technology will do it true justice. SLA has unmissable detail, & is particularly sought after to make transparent, translucent or even light emitting objects. SLA is cost effective for smaller items in smaller quantities.
$60 minimum

SLA 3d print nz

Multi-Jet (Mjp / Objet) 3D Printing

If you have tiny parts that need ultra high resolution & perfect surface finish with minimal surface aberrations, Multijet is the way to go.
You can also make soft flexible rubber parts! Or can select a percentage composition of rubber mixed with plastic to give you the perfect part. For eg 20% rubber + 80% hard plastic. Mjp is very cost effective for large batches of parts.
$60 minimum

Still not sure of what is best for you..

Please Contact Us & we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements, no obligation!


Whilst it is impossible to give you an accurate quote without looking at your parts, our minimum charges are only between $20-$60

Please upload your file to our 3D Print Quote page here & we will get back to you asap.

Please note that the estimate you see is only meant to give you a rough idea of costs & that the actual cost can only be ascertained once the 3d cad file is assessed by us.
Several factors such as print density, print time, material used, strength needed, cleanup time, post print work etc may mean that the quote sent could be higher or lower than the estimate you derive.

Please also note the minimum order charges below for each technology.
The minimum charge is the least amount we will charge you.