• Moonray Casting Resin NZ
    MoonRay castable resin lets you 3D Print models to be used for investment casting. It burns out quite well without leaving ash or residue. Please follow the below link to learn more about casting with MoonRay resins. https://www.sprintray.us/customer-support/finishing/using-castable-resin We also have standard rigid resins available for the MoonRay DLP SLA 3D Printer.
  • moonray S SLA Resin DLP 3d printer NZMoonRay DLP SLA 3D Printer NZ
    The new MoonRay 3D Printers use UV based SLA Resin. This creates production quality parts & tooling that can be used for customer facing projects. 3D Print parts that dont look 3D Printed. You can also 3D Print Tooling Dyes for use in Injection Moulding runs. No need to spend thousands to get metal tooling made when all you need is small runs of your plastic products. If you need to change the design, its just a new 3D Print, rather than thousands in designing new tooling! SLA Technology, & in particular this level of SLA quality was not accessible to the mainstream due to its high price point. Now anyone can benefit from Just-In-Time production techniques to streamline their product development.
  • Moonray SLA Rrsins NZ
    The genuine MoonRay resin is a high quality UV curable resin. Clear resin allows for very good surface finishing & high transparency (translucent resin) You can create a glossy look with some post-processing & varnishing. It is very good for designers who want to get a better understanding of any intricate parts. The White resin is an easy to use colour that looks great out of the box. The Grey resin is easy to paint, thus great for more decorative uses. We also have Castable & Ceramic resins available for the MoonRay DLP SLA 3D Printer.