Affordable Premium 3D Printer Plastic Filament

We sell authentic Wanhao branded & Pp3dp Up Approved filaments for your 3d printers.
3D Printing Services has tested every kind of 1.75mm plastic filament roll we sell on our 3d printers.
If we dont like it, we dont want to frustrate our customers with sub-standard product.

Our 1.75mm 3d printing plastic is superb quality for a cheap price.
We believe it is the best 3D Printing Filament available in New Zealand, not only because its cheap, but because its very good.
Many of these materials & colours are also used professionally in our 3d printing service.

We offer a good selection of 3d printer plastics like the popular PLA & ABS as well as speciality filaments.
For eg wood composite, PVA water soluble support filament, metal infill filaments, & high strength / high temperature colorfabb filament for functional applications.

We’re running superb bundle offers for our classic range of common colours, as well as introductory deals on unique plastic blends.
If you are after something specific, or want to buy a large quantity of 3d plastic filament, please get in touch with us.