Anet A8 3D Printer Kit – Large Build + Auto Sensor + Flexible Filament Extruder – Now in NZ!

$399.00 +gst

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Want a superb 3D Printer on Budget? Buy The Best Kit 3D Printer in NZ!

The Anet has all the must have features of a good 3D Printer at a low price

Key Features:

1) A Large build plate – bigger than most i3s currently available
2) Automatic calibration sensor – a feature you would otherwise pay a lot extra for
3) An Extruder which already has Flexible filament support, so you can print with more materials reliably
4) i3 open source design – the worlds most sold 3d printer system

5) Online Step-by-step Video Instructions & Great Support Community

It is great for enthusiasts who want to assemble their own 3D Printer & save hundreds!
Great hobby project to take on & you will learn a lot about 3D Printing when you make your own 3D Printer.
Ideal for those who have an interest in electronics & robotics to create something very functional.

Out of stock



Anet A8 DIY 3D Printer now in NZ – Affordable 3D Printer for All!

This 3D Printer is a it that comes with everything you need to assemble a superb 3D Printer.

There are very good detailed step-by-step video instructions to assemble & tune this machine.
The Anet also has a great online community.

You do not need to be an electronics expert, but we highly recommend familiarity with DIY electronic projects.

Adults please supervise your children at all times, & preferably assist them – they will need help.

3D Printer assembly is meticulous, challenging & highly rewarding.

We do not recommend making a 3d printer as your first ever DIY project.
If you have never assembled something, please start with something simpler, a toy car for example.

We are always happy to assist with your project, but we would recommend using the online resources first.

Since this is a kit full of individual parts, there is room for user error, & mistakes can damage electronic parts.
Any damage voids warranty.
Please ensure you follow instructions carefully.