ColorFabb HT High Temperature 100C Resistant 3D Printing Filament

$99.00 +gst


ColorFabb HT 100 deg C High Temperature Resistance Filament

3d print items that can withstand over 100 deg C on your desktop printer!

The first 3D Printer material that withstands boiling hot water – the new ColorFabb HT.

When you need parts that will be exposed to high temperature, or for electronic housings that heat up, or mechanical parts that are exposed to higher amounts of friction, only 1 material can stand up to the challenge – ColorFabb_HT

Made using Eastman Amphoras the Color Fabb specialty materials are considerd to be the worlds most functional 3D Printing plastic materials. With uses in everything from end use parts through to hi-tech hi density parts in Aerospace, there is nothing HT cant take on.

And like everything colorfabb, it looks amazing!