CreatBot DX PLUS Dual Extruder 3D Printer – FREE Training & NZ Support

$3,999.00 +gst


Creatbot DX PLUS 3D Printer – 2 Heads – NZ Support & FREE Training

Print Big, Print HIGH & Print Fast – the DX Plus lets you print upto 520mm Tall !!

With 2 high temp 400 deg C Extruders, Free Training, & Free Calibration, Creatbot DX 3D Printers are targeted to product development studios, manufacturing houses, and serious 3D Printing Professionals. These robust 3d printers are capable of delivering commercial quality results in industrial applications.

All our Creatbot DX 3D Printers in New Zealand feature the advanced 400 Degree C high temp extruder.
Watch out for older models that have the 250 deg Extruder version which does not support materials that need to go hotter to print reliably thus reducing the material compatibility.

3D Printing Services are Authorised Resellers for Creatbot in New Zealand.

Layby & Terms Available – please Contact Us to arrange!

Why Buy From Us?

Get FREE Training on how to use the Craeatbot 3D Printer when you buy form us!

You can phone us in the first instance & we will do our best to help you with anything 3D Printing.
We work with our customers to resolve any issues faced as per the consumer guarantees act.

3D Printing Services is an Authorised Reseller of everything we sell.
We know all our products extremely well & can help you with any questions you have.

So why should serious 3D Print Users buy a CreatBot over another 3D Printer?


Got a power failure? No problem, the creatbot will resume printing when power is restored!
If the filament runs out during print, no problem, the Creatbot will pause & let you load filament!
Every single CreatBot that leaves the factory has been tested for over 100 hours – Thats their level of commitment to Quality Assurance!

If you want Big parts Fast & want the ability to print almost any material out there, this Creabot DX with a 400 degree C extruder will deliver like no other.
If you want a 3D Printer that will deliver in literally any environment, the Creatbot DX is it.

Enhanced Stability with Everything Metal

Full metal chassis, metal tray mount & metal brackets.
This printer weighs 30Kg for a reason.
This weight allows for amazing stability during prints, which means layers are not affected by vibration or external forces.

Massive Size & Extended Material Compatibility

Print 30cm x 30cm x 52cm parts
Whether you want to print functional industrial grade temperature resistant parts using specialty plastic filaments like ColorFabb HT, or print highly durable parts with Carbon Fibre – this 400 deg rated 3mm bowden extruder will take care of it!

The CreatBot has Powerful Extruders – upto 3!

High Speed Geared motors (not plain stepper motors) for exceptional Feed & Retraction reliability
You can print with 3 different materials on a DX PLUS 03. Please contact us for more details.

Technical Specifications:

Large Print Volume of 300mm x 300mm x 520mm
Ceramic Plate Heated Bed on full metal platform
Resolution: 50 – 400 micron 0.05mm – 0.4mm layer height.
Automatic resume on power in case of power loss.
Auto shut off after print completion.
Quick access keypad buttons with shortcuts.
SD Card & USB direct printing support.
CreatWare (Cura based) 3D Printing Software thats easy to use for Beginners with a Simple mode, & powerful for Advanced users with a Expert mode.

The DX Plus is also available in the smaller DX model.
Please contact us for more details.

Please note that the Creatbot 3d printer is over 30Kg & thus may need an extra shipping charge based on your location.
We welcome you to pickup & avail the free 2 hour training session at the same time.

Kindly note that due to continuous product improvement, specifications may change without notice.