UP Plus 2 Extruder Heat Block + New 8mm Nozzle

$120.00 +gst

Hot End Assembly Part for UP Plus 2

This is made up of the heating block, nozzle, feed tube (silver column 4x6mm) and the cable which clips to the print head.

It is available in 2 versions, 6mm nozzle (part# UPBC0025 ) & 8mm nozzle (part# UPBC0126).
Please check which type will fit your UP plus 3d printer based on the photos.

In some newer UPs, both versions can fit the machine.
Then we recommend the new 8mm nozzle version, which is better than the older 6mm nozzles, so we recommend you buy this version if it fits your existing printer.

However, if you still prefer the 6mm nozzle version or thats the only one that fits your machine, we can supply that, please let us know.
If you’re unsure, just buy the version that is currently in your printer.

Kindly note that Hot End parts cant be swapped once ordered, so please choose carefully.

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