Wanhao SLA Resin 250 ml bottles

$40.00 +gst

This Wanhao Resin is supplied by Wanhao for the Duplicator 7 DLP SLA 3D Printer.
It is designed for the Wanhao 405nm SLA / DLP 3D Printers.

These 250 ml bottles are available in a vast range of colours:
Clear, White, Black, Grey, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green
Please let us know what you would like in the notes when placing the order.

These resins are designed to work on the 380-420nm range.
We can assure you fantastic results with the Wanhao D7, but we cant guarantee results for other printers.

Some users have stated that it can work with SLA 3d printers like Form1, Moonray, Cubicon, B9, Creator etc. but it is not officially supported to use Wanhao Resins in other 3d printers.
Some experimentation may be needed to ascertain the optimal settings for your printer.

250 ml bottle is great for those occassional colourful prints or to check if a colour is right for you.
We also have larger 1 Litre bottles available in popular colours.

Please note that depending on the machine, print settings & the curing process, you may find the resins change their colour a little, particularly the White colour would start to look slightly off-white.
This is very common based on the density of the parts, the UV curing speed / power etc.

Any questions please feel free to contact us.