Wanhao i3 Plus 3D Printer with NZ Support & Warranty – PRICE SLASHED!

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The Wanhao i3 PLUS – Best Price in NZ

According to 3DHubs.com, the Wanhao i3 ranks in the worlds best selling 3D printers

This is because Wanhao have built a reputation around making robust 3d printers for an extremely economical price point.
The newest PLUS version builds on the Wanhao I3 & incorporates unique updates for this design of 3D Printer.

Why Buy from Us?

We are a proud Kiwi owned NZ based Local business that really cares about providing customers the very best service, at the best price.
You can phone us in the first instance & we will do our best to help you with anything 3D Printing.
We work with our customers to resolve any issues faced as per the consumer guarantees act.

3D Printing Services is an Authorised Reseller of Wanhao 3D Printers in New Zealand.

Every item we sell has been used here & thoroughly tested to meet our high standards of usability, robustness & quality.
We do not simply buy products overseas & drop ship them to you.
If we wouldn’t use something ourselves, we don’t sell it – This is our promise to our customers.

Why Buy a Wanhao i3 + over other entry level 3D Printers?

Prusa-style printer on the market with an integrated electronics cabin, a full-sized SD card slot, and an on-board 3.25″ touchscreen display panel.

Metal frame Reduces vibration & improves printer stability.
Metal parts used for crucial wear & tear components prolongs 3d printer life.

Build BIG parts thanks to what is probably the largest build area in any 3d printer of this price class.

3D Print anything in ABS or PLA plastic easily using standard 1.75mm 3d printer plastic filament made by a myriad of companies, rather than being locked into proprietary cartridges that are expensive to buy & offer a limited choice of materials & colours.

Unlock the most from your wanhao i3 plus using common free software programs

For the $1000 mark, the I3 plus is probably New Zealand’s best 3D Printer available.

Technical Specifications:
  • Extruder: MK10 Single-Extruder
  • Filament Size: 1.75mm Dedicated
  • Top Hotend Temperature: 260°C (Short-term), 240°C (Long-term)
  • Cooling: 40mm Extruder Cooling Fan, 40mm Drive Block Cooling Fan, & PSU Cooling Fan
  • Layer Capability: 0.1mm (100 microns)
  • Build Envelope: 200mm x 200mm x 180mm (8in. x 8in. x 7in.)
  • Build Surface: Heated Bed Plate and Wanhao Adhesive Sheet
  • Filament Capabilities: PLA, ABS, PVA, Stainless Steel, NinjaFlex, Nylon, HIPS, Woodfill, LayBrick, CopperFILL, BronzeFILL, MOLDLAY, Conductive, Carbon Fiber, Polyurethane plus more!
  • Compatible Software: CURA (Wanhao Edition), MatterControl (Free Download Online), Simplify 3D (Details)
  • File Type: Gcode
  • File Transfer: SD Card & USB
  • Frame Color: Steel Frame (Powder Coated Black)
  • Material Type: ABS and PLA Filaments
  • Filament Specifications: 1.75 MM in Diameter
  • Colours : Wanhao classic 40 colors
Delivery, Support & Warranty:

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3D Printing Services is an Authorised Wanhao Reseller & we will work with our customers to resolve any issues faced, as per the consumer guarantees act.
Wanhao i3 carry a 12 months limited warranty for standard non-commercial use.
Wear & tear of components is not covered by warranty.
Extended warranties are available, please contact us for more details.
You can phone is in the first instance & we will do our best to help you.
Technical support is available from Wanhao.

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