Wanhao Duplicator I3 now superseeded by the new i3 Plus

$699.00 +gst

The Best Selling Wanhao Duplicator i3 is now better than ever before.

Integrated Electronics, Touch Screen, Full Size SD Card slot & a new design make for an excellent i3 3d printer.

Please see  http://3dprintingservices.co.nz/product/wanhao-i3-plus-3d-printer-latest-version/

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The Wanhao i3 – world wide best selling 3D Printer

According to 3DHubs.com, the Wanhao i3 ranks in the worlds best seller 3D printers

This is because Wanhao have built a reputation around making robust 3d printers for an extremely economical price point.
The new I3 Plus version of the legendary Wanhao I3 incorporates the latest in 3D Printer innovations.

The i3 v21 is now replaced by the new Wanhao i3 PLUS.

Please see http://3dprintingservices.co.nz/product/wanhao-i3-plus-3d-printer-latest-version/

Laybys are available

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Why Buy a Wanhao i3 plus vs other entry level 3D Printers?

Metal frame & metal parts used for all wear & tear parts. Reduces vibration & improves 3d printer life.

3D Print anything in ABS or PLA plastic easily with a large build area that is probably the biggest 3d printer in its price class.

You can use standard 1.75mm 3d printer plastic filament made by a myriad of companies.
Dont get locked into proprietary cartridges that are expensive to buy & offer a limited choice of materials & colours.

Unlock the most from your wanhao i3 using common free software programs as well as superb 3d slicer tools like simplify3d.com to really tweak the performance.

For under NZ $1000, the I3 is probably New Zealand’s best 3D Printer available in the market.

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