DPA Detergent has been specifically developed by ColorFabb in Netherlands to dissolve our DPA-100 support material in water. When dissolved in water the detergent produces a mild alkaline solution.

DPA-100 is a polyacrylate material which dissolves in a mild alkaline solution like the one made with this matching ColorFabb DPA Detergent, which we recommend when using this special soluble support 3d filament.
You may have heard of this kind of technology originally available only in respected industrial systems like the Stratasys Fortus.
Now thanks to Colorfabb, this technology is accessible to a broad range of open platform 3d printers.

A stirred and heated bath is recommended when dissolving DPA-100 support material. Recirculation and temperature affect the speed at which the DPA-100 supports will dissolve.

DPA Detergent comes in a 1kg container. 1 kg of DPA Detergent will dissolve 1 kg of DPA-100 support material.
Please follow the operating instructions for correct handling of DPA Detergent.