Envisiontec Press-E-Cast Dental Casting Resin – Now in NZ

Envisiontec Press-E-Cast Dental Casting Resin – Now in NZ

3D Printer Store is proud to present EnvisionTec Industrial Dental 3D Printing Products in New Zealand.

Press E-Cast is a wax-filled photopolymer material for the production of full anatomical crowns and bridges with extreme dimensional accuracy in X, Y and Z, as well as exceptional surface finish. Can also be used to print partial frameworks.

Parts 3D printed in Press-E-Cast can be pressed into full contour ceramics.

The burnout for parts 3D printed in Press-E-Cast is rapid, clean and ash-free, resulting in accurate, quality castings.
With a moderate wax content, Press-E-Cast also delivers low thermal expansion during burnout.
Details on casting Press-E-Cast can be found in this Best Practices document.

Well suited to 3d print with our Envision 1 CDLM DLP 3D Printers, D4K Pro Dental 3D Printer, & Perfactory P4K.

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Tensile Strength

56 MPa

Elongation at Break


Flexural Strength

115 MPa

Flexural Modulus

3350 MPa

HDT (Heat Deflection Temperature) No heat treatment necessary

140° C (284°F)

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Weight 1 kg