eSmooth Polishable Casting 3D Filament for Glossy 3D Prints!

eSmooth Polishable Casting 3D Filament for Glossy 3D Prints!

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ESun eSmooth Alcohol Polishing Castable 3D Printer Filament

This new material is designed to be vapour polished using any Alcohol based chemical, & can also be easily cast.
So you can make shiny plastic parts that look injection moulded, or make metal parts using the lost wax casting process.
You can contact a local foundry & they can cast 3D prints made from esmooth for you.

1.75mm 0.5Kg Roll in natural off-white colour.

Out of stock


You may have heard of something called vapour polishing.
In this process, the 3d printed part surface is exposed to the vapour of a chemical that is slowly evaporating.
In the past, the easiest usable option was to use acetone vapour to polish ABS plastic.

Not everyone loves 3d printing with warping stinky abs plastic,  & then have to deal with potentially hazardous fumes out of acetone, when all they need is a shiny 3d print.
So plastic filament companies researched products that could be chemically polished with more ease using less toxic materials & also be easier to 3d print.

This new 3D Printer filament can be polished with Alcohol based solvents like Ethanol, Methylated Spirits or IPA

You may have heard of products like PolyMaker & Polysher which have made this concept very popular – but were very expensive proprietary concepts.

ESmooth by Esun is much cheaper, so everyone can now afford to make 3D Prints that look Injection Moulded.

On top of that, this Esun material works beautifully for PLA Lost Wax Investment Casting processes to make Metal parts.
It casts much better than standard PLA as it burns out cleanly with minimal residue.

Not familiar with 3D Printing & Casting as a process? No problem.

Traditionally, 3D Printing full metal parts requires SLM & EBM machines costing millions.
Investment casting means make a 3D Print out of a material (previously only PLA was used) & using that to make a mould.
Hot metal is then poured inside the mould.
The heat burns out the PLA plastic & you have your Metal part made using 3D Printing technology.
It is incredibly cheap to do it this way compared to Laser 3D Printing metal powder.
Of course, it has its limitations, but new materials minimise the post-processing needed.

Thats where ESun’s new ESmooth shines.
Not only perfect to make perfect looking plastic parts – it is also perfect for casting metal parts.