Flexion Extruder by Diabase Engineering – The worlds best Extruder upgrade

Print NinjaFlex and any flexible TPU material with this superb extruder.
Get the new HT version & print even Polycarbonate or Nylon on your entry level desktop 3d printer!
If you want to print with everything from NinjaFlex or Flexible TPU filament through to PLA or ABS more confidently, get this extruder!

We stock Flexion for i3, reprap D4 FlashForge etc, makerbot style 3d printers.

We also stock the new upgraded Flexion HT High Temperature version which will let you print with even more materials & offers more robust temperature accuracy.

This listing is for a standard single extruder Flexion for compatible 3d printers including dual head machines.
A Dual Flexion set of 2x extruders can also be ordered as per the other photo, please let us know.

They are very easy to install in the existing assembly & have a simple setting to print different materials easily.

3D Printing Services are now Authorised Resellers for Flexion Extruders.

We are the best place to buy Flextion Extruders in NZ –  no need to buy online & pay extra for shipping & GST!
When you buy from us, you get the best deal & the best after sales service.
Any questions installing or setting these up just get in touch, we will help you out.

These are an easy drop in for Wanhao 3D Printers like the Wanhao i3 & Wanhao Duplicator D4.
It is also available for Makerbot Replicator style of RepRap machines.

Made by Diabase Engineering in USA, these extruders are the best thing you can do for 3D print quality on ANY 3D Printer.
Flexion HT also available to print high temperature Nylon and Polycarbonate 3D Prints.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.