Monocure Pro Deep Black Resin now in NZ

Monocure3D DEEP BLACK is the newest member of the PRO resin range.
Most Tough Black Resins look Dark Blue. With this resin, you have a proper intense, deep black look for your 3D printed models and parts.

With PRO DEEP BLACK, it is easy to achieve an opaque look even with thin 2-3mm walls.
It is further enhanced by a smooth matte finish once post cured.

The development team have formulated this resin using Monocure’s advanced in-house urethane base for increased durability and longevity.

The PRO resin range is the new step up from the Monocure Tuff Range.

The chemists have discovered the perfect combination of specialised photo-initiators to ensure it can print without issue — finally, a black resin, which actually looks like Black ABS plastic.

Larger 1.25 Litre bottle is approx 1.4 kg of resin, making it a very cost effective advanced resin compared to other high performance resins.