Esun PLA 0.5 Kg WHITE 3D Printer Filament

These are slim rolls of 500 grams that fit inside the proprietary spool holders of 3d printers like some Makerbot, Dremel, FlashForge, UP mini etc models.
We encourage you to move away from such 3d printers that don’t use 1Kg rolls, as the 0.5Kg rolls tend to be more expensive & will soon be discontinued, forcing you to buy overpriced branded filament specific to those 3d printer models.

Do you want to 3D Print with PLA & still want higher flexibility, impact strength & easy to remove supports? Please welcome the new esun PLA plus! As easy to print as PLA & yet highly functional, PLA+ is the future of PLA.

Our range of eSun PLA+ colours is growing everyday.
This is the eSun Solid Blue. It is a darker shade of Blue.

ESun make very accurate PLA 3d printing filament that is well respected world wide.
PLA is naturally sourced, compostible & bio-degradable. It is the easiest material to 3d print.

In the past, if you wanted functionality (but didn’t need high temperature resistance), you still had to use other alternatives like PetG / ABS which were harder to work with.
Now you can 3d print with the ease of PLA while getting many functional advantages & yet be eco-friendly thanks to eSun PLA plus!

We are Authorised Reseller of eSun & our PLA+ 3d printer filament is stocked right here in NZ so we can bring our kiwi 3d customers great quality BRANDED pla filament for a superb price.

A quick note about printing eSun PLA+

– In our experience it works best slightly hotter than standard PLA.
For eg, if you print PLA between 190-200C usually (like we do), then its recommended you go to 210-220C for PLA plus.
Of course there are a lot of factors around 3d printing extruder temperature, but start at 210C & see how you.