Esun Steel Filament – High Density – Now in NZ

Our Metal filled filaments are high density 3d printer filaments with around 20% pure metal powder in it.
Please be careful of very cheap ‘metal’ filaments that usually have only 2% steel inside cheap PLA material.

1Kg roll 1.75mm
These are new slim roll packages, so the rolls can fit some of the smaller proprietary 3d printer spool holders like certain makerbots, dremels, UP 3d printers etc.

Steel filaments have 3 main uses.
1) The obvious reason is to give 3d prints a real steel finish
2) A lesser know fact is that Steel filled 3D Filament is used to provide realistic weight & balancing when you are prototyping objects that are going to be made out of metal. For eg, making housings for commercial machinery or hand held tools.
3) Probably the least known advantage of steel is that if you do not sand it at all, 3d printed steel looks like stone! Want an asphalt look or rocky look – steel filament to the rescue.

Our metal filaments can be 3d printed & then sanded to make the metal inside sparkle! Steel is no exception & will certainly shine if you polish it.
These filaments are also being used in experimental applications to explore uses such as sintering, baking & smelting to make production metal parts out of them with freedom of design at extremely cheap prices.

Any 3d printer can 3d print metal filled materials but we recommend 0.6mm or larger nozzles with (200 micron) or fatter layer height. Print slowly & at slightly higher temperatures than usual.
Please read our FAQ Articles for more details on printing with filled materials.