3D Printer Training Course

3d printing training course

3D Printing is a lot of fun.

Since 3D Printing is still not a mainstream technology, there is a lot that people are not familiar with.
It is only natural that one would feel intimidated by it, despite it being so easy to use.

If you want to explore 3D Printing before you buy, we have just the right introductory 3D Printing training course to help!
If you already own a printer & want to further complement your purchase, these our customised training sessions can be great.

Our courses are run in Auckland, New Zealand – however we can come to you by arrangement.
Many of our customers tell us they want to buy a 3d printer, but they dont want to be stuck with something they dont fully understand.

3D Printing Intro Course:

If you are new to 3D Printing & want to know a little bit about how to start with a 3D Printer, this course is perfect for you.
Divided into 4 main topics, we can either do these in 4 separate sessions, or do the whole thing in half a day.

  1. 3D Printing basics – Downloading 3D files, making a simple 3D File, doing your first 3D print.
  2. 3D STL File Design – We use the free Tinkercad.com website which is the easiest 3D Design tool available, like Lego!
  3. 3D File Preparation – What to consider when printing a 3d file, & how to change the settings that matter in the software.
  4. 3D Printer Operation – We cover more advanced topics on what exactly happens in the 3D Printer & how to maintain it.

Customised 3D Printing Courses:

We offer 3D printer training courses that can cater to your specific requirement & can be built for your skill level.
We cover the basics of how 3D Printing works, how to print existing objects, how to design simple models with free tools, & some tips on how to optimise your 3d prints.

If it is buying your own 3D printer for yourself, or as the most creative gift for a child, our courses will give you the confidence to buy a 3D Printer & know how to use it to the fullest.
Whether training is required for an individual or a group, we have a solution for your needs.

Please contact us & we can discuss your requirements.

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