Esun PLA+HS High Speed PLA Plus

The new ESun PLA+HS is the High Speed upgraded formula of our beloved Esun PLA Plus.

Supports fast 3d printing on high speed printers, as well as high flow 3d printers with large nozzles & thicker layers. So you can now 3D Print PLA+ even faster!

Esun will soon move over completely to the new High Speed formulation, & we are leading this charge in New Zealand by supplying the material at the special price comparable to PLA+ available in the market.

This upgrade to PLA+ supports High Flow, so it was was also called PLA-HF in the past. High flow filaments allows high speed printing, so to clarify that, it was renamed to ePLA-HS. And then, to clarify that this is actually based on PLA+ formulation, the material finally got renamed to ePLA+HS.