New Zealand’s First 3D Printing Service to offer Advanced Materials

We specialise in 3D Printing High Performance End use Parts from Advanced Materials including Carbon Fiber reinforced Nylon, Nylon 12, PolyCarbonate, PEI / Ultem (tm) 9085 , PPSU, PEEK etc. And with this kind of capability in-house, we are able to make parts from simpler materials like PLA or ABS with even better results.

3D Printing High Performance materials right here in Auckland, New Zealand with over 7 years of 3D Printing Experience ensures you have the best possible part for your Application.

Our service is best suited for either specialist industrial parts, or small batch production runs.
Niche sectors like Sports Automotive, Aerospace, Aviation, Orthodontics, Biomedical Implants etc are early adopters of our offerings.
And for our bulk volume 3d printing service, we can 3d print in the most suitable material at very cost effectives rates.

Our bulk production Parts are often Ready in as little as 2 days thanks to large fast machines, & at very cost effective rates.

No need to wait for long queues overseas or pay high shipping costs. Using a Local 3D Print company means you can have your parts in hand lightning fast..
3D Printing Material Key Properties
PEEK King of 3D Printing materials.
Continuous Operating Temperature: 230 C
Strongest of all 3D Printing materials.
Very High Rigidity.
Excellent Surface abrassion resistance
Excellent chemical resistance – please see complete list online.
Excellent Flame Retardance.
Not very hydroscopic – Low moisture absorption, capable in aqueous conditions.
Suitable for BioMedical Implants inside the human body.
PEI – Ultem ™ 9085 Ultem 9085 is FAA approved for Aerospace use.
Continuous Operating Temperature: 180 C
Very strong 3D Printer material.
High chemical resistance – please see complete list online.
Excellent Surface abrassion resistance
Excellent Flame Retardance.
PolyCarbonate The most sought after & ‘cost-effective’ advanced material.
Continuous Operating Temperature: 140 C
Very good mechanical strength.
Excellent Flexibility.
Very High Impact strength.
High Surface Abrassion resistance.
Good UV stability – not 100% UV resistant – will degrade under harsh UV.
Will degrade to Acetone exposure.
Nylon Very versatile material that can offer flexibility or rigidity easily based on part design.
Ideal in high wear applications.
Continuous Operating Temperature ~ 120 C varies greatly due to high flexibility in material.
Suitable in Food processing use.
Very Hygroscopic – absorbs moisture rapidly.
Carbon Fibre Nylon Nylon Reinforced with Carbon Fibers
Continuous Operating Temperature ~ 120 C
Excellent rigidity.
High Strength.
Excellent surface abrasion resistance.
ABS The most commonly used functional material.
Very low cost, very versatile application.
Continuous operating temperature: 85C
Good flexiblity.
High Strength.
Very sensitive to Acetone.

We offer a FAST Turnaround, Overnight & even SAME DAY 3D Print Service for time critical parts.
We can 3D Print Aerospace grade engineering materials like PEEK right here, often same day.
All our 3D printing is done right here in our Auckland New Zealand premises.

We offer commercial grade & production capable, high quality 3D Printing capability.
We work in low volume manufacturing & batch production runs specialising in these Advanced materials.
We can easily tailor our service to offer bulk volume 3D Printing in these applications.

We also offer consulting services to help you explore the possibility of saving thousands on avoiding tool making
3D printing small batch runs not only reduces investment, it provides the freedom to change the design at any stage.

Contact us today to talk more about how your business could benefit by implementing low volume manufacturing using 3d printing technology.


Please upload your file to our 3D Print Quote page here & it will give you an instant estimate.

Please note that the estimate you see is only meant to give you a rough idea of costs & that the actual cost can only be ascertained once the 3d cad file is assessed by us.

If the part estimates are in line with your budget, please continue with sending the uploaded file to us & we will get back to you with a quote.

Several factors such as print density, print time, material used, strength needed, cleanup time, post print work etc may mean that the quote sent could be higher or lower than the estimate you derive.

Please also note the minimum order charges for each technology.
The minimum charge is the least amount we will charge you.
Whilst it is impossible to give you an accurate quote without looking at your parts, our minimum charges are only between $10-$60.