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What is an IDEX 3D Printer & why would you want it

2020-06-01T15:43:03+12:00May 30th, 2020|FAQ, News|

So what is IDEX technology & why is it such a big deal in Dual Extruder 3D Printers?

First lets explore what Dual Head 3D Printers actually refers to

Common 3D Printers with 2 heads, also called dual extruder heads, are essentially 2 filament output mechanisms attached side by side on a single ‘Head mount’.
For sake of convenience, these were still called ‘Dual Head’ & the terms dual head or dual extruder […]

3D Print Not Sticking to Bed FAQ

2020-05-27T05:41:16+12:00May 27th, 2020|3D Tips, FAQ|

Why is my part not sticking to the 3d printer bed while being 3d printed?

The Most common issue people experience when they first start 3d printing is that the plastic is not sticking to the printer base, so the object can not form.
While this may seem like a very serious problem, in most cases it just means you need to setup a few things correctly.

In the 3D Printing world, we […]

How to 3D Print Wood Filament

2019-08-16T12:25:50+12:00August 16th, 2019|3D Tips|

Firstly, what is Wood Filament ?

All Wood filaments are actually made by adding Wood Fibre into a base plastic, most commonly PLA.
Thus, most wood Filaments are called Wood PLA.
Most cheap Wood filaments are PLA with only around 5% of Wood fibres in them.
These wood fibres are made in the same way as those used in MDF wood sheets.
When you ‘Print’ Wood, what you are actually 3d printing is the plastic […]

Esun PLA+ – Why exactly would you want it?

2019-08-16T13:04:45+12:00March 30th, 2019|News|

Lets Review Esun Pla+

Why exactly would you want it & not standard PLA?

..and when should you use standard PLA? Is there ever a need? (yes there is.. please read on..)

Our Esun 3d filaments are very well reviewed world wide. And so are our Wanhao filaments – well respected.
So its been a common question asked as to why we have both.

PLA is a fundamentally rigid material. It also tends to shard […]

How to CLEAN your 3d printer head with Cleaning filament

2019-03-14T03:36:19+12:00March 6th, 2019|3D Tips|

Cleaning filament is great, but it is not so intuitive to know how to best use it.

First, we need to check if the 3d printer is in a state where we can even use the cleaning filament

  1. Please heat up your head & remove whatever filament was inside.
  2. Clean out the pipes that carry the filament around, particularly important if the tubes are long or its a bowden 3d […]

How to 3D Print PETg – Recommended Settings

2019-02-21T12:10:54+12:00February 21st, 2019|3D Tips|

What is PETG 3D Printer Filament?

You must have heard about the excellent material called PET. Its most popular use is in Coca-Cola bottles.
Plastic Water jugs etc are also made of PET.

PET is very commonly used in food safe applications.
It is very strong, relatively rigid, & yet has excellent impact strength thanks to its inherent flexibility.

So what is PET – G 3d Filament ?

PET by nature is classed as a crystalline […]

Wanhao D7 / D7 plus Creation Workshop Software

2019-01-03T14:38:01+12:00January 3rd, 2019|FAQ|

Creation Workshop SLA DLP 3D Printer Slicer

Wanhao now offers the new Wanhao Slicer program for the D7 D7 plus & D8 3D Printers.
These programs are free with all new 3D Printers bought.

However, some of the previous customers would like to continue using the older open source Creation Workshop program for free rather than buying the New Wanhao Slicer tool.
If you wish to do so as well, please download Creation Workshop […]

New Christchurch Reseller for 3D Printer Store!

2019-08-16T13:03:04+12:00December 30th, 2018|News|

Christchurch 3D Printer Reseller:

Rycentios 3D, based in Christchurch will now offer a selected range of 3D Printer Store products & services.
This includes our best selling 3d printers like the Creatbot DX, the Wanhao i3 & 3D Filaments like PLA, PetG, Abs etc.

South Island & local Christchurch customers are welcome to work directly with R3D to give yourselves the advantage of local service & expertise close to […]

How to 3D Print Carbon Fibre Filament

2020-06-13T18:32:24+12:00November 30th, 2018|FAQ|

How to 3D Print Carbon Fibre

First a quick intro

All Carbon Fibre filaments are actually made by adding Carbon Fibre (abbreviated CF) into a base plastic.
For eg, PLA. There is a proportaion (or percentage) of Carbon Fibre inside the 3d printer filament which is still mainly plastic.
Most cheap Carbon Fibre filaments are simply PLA with just around 5% CF inside them.

What does 3d Printing Carbon Fibre actually mean?

When you ‘Print’ CF, […]

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