3D Scanning for a wide range of applications

We perform 3D Scans of objects as well as people.
We can scan almost any size item, from a pin to a car.

These 3d scans give us CAD data that can be used toward your project as a starting point of your design, or you can have a 3D Print of the model using our 3d printing services.

We also 3D Scan people & create miniature figurines.
These make excellent unique cake toppers for weddings.

Please visit our website www.3DScanMe.co.nz for details


3D Scanning a slightly complex task, & there are limitations around the kind of materials & textures that can be properly scanned.

For most of our technical & business customers, we find that if something can be drawn up in 3D cad software without extensive effort, then it is often the better option.

For organic shapes & objects with curves, 3D scanning is definitely the way to go.

Please contact us & we will be happy to discuss your requirements.