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3D Printer Store has a consistent track record of bringing proven Additive Manufacturing Technology Solutions into New Zealand backed with Expertise & Support.
Go For Quality. We test & verify every single product before it is sold, to give you the Support we are Reputed for.

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Elevate your creativity with unbeatable prices on our cutting-edge 3D Printing Products.

Functional Resin 3D Printers

We now offer professional Liquid Resin 3D Printers in New Zealand that can make functional parts for every industry from Automotive & Aerospace through to Medical & Commercial 3D Printing thanks to our Functional Resins. Resin 3d printers are also used for Dentistry & Jewellery casting.

The Best FDM Engineering 3D Printers

Our FDM 3D Printers are perfect for Engineering materials like Carbon Fiber Reinforced Nylon, & Large Scale 3D Printing.
Hobbyists & schools will also enjoy the ease of use of our 3D Printers.
FREE TRAINING with all our Creatbot Professional & Commercial 3D Printers.

We are the EXCLUSIVE Reseller of CreatBot 3D Printers in NZ.
Our Creatbot F430 made its way into the NASA Kennedy Space centre. Winner of Best Professional 3D Printer Award. What more can we say.

NZ’s Biggest Range of 3D Printing Filaments & Advanced Materials

We sell only the very best, high quality 3D Printing Filament in New Zealand. All our 3D Printer Filaments are tested in house.
We sell some of the worlds best brands & are often the first to bring kiwi 3D printers the newest advanced materials.
Check out our blog to learn more on how to use a vast array of our exciting materials.

NZ’s Largest range of 3D Printing Resins in stock

We were the First Company to introduce LCD resin 3d printers in New Zealand in 2016.
We have always believed in the future of resin 3d printing technology & have brought cutting edge resins at the best prices into New Zealand.
We presently have NZ’s biggest collection of LCD Resins in stock including BASF & Henkel Advanced Resins ready to ship.
Check out our blog to learn more on how to use our vast array of 3d printing consumables.

Our Popular Resins:

Best Selling 3D Scanners

We are proud to carry 3D Scanners that actually Deliver usable results.

We have the right 3d scanner to use for Engineering, Inspection, Quality Control & Reverse Engineering. From White Light Scanners & Hybrid Laser Scanners through to Metrology grade scanners, we’ve got them all. We also offer Reverse Engineering bundles using Geomagic Essentials to greatly stramline your Scan to Cad, measurement, & Data validation / QA applications.

Call us today to learn how 3D Scanning can optimise your product design & development.

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