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Talk to us about implementing a 3D printing solution that is best suited to your needs. We are authorised distributors and resellers for leading 3D printer brands in New Zealand. We specialise in supplying professional 3D printers that can accelerate your product development. We offer training, setup and implementation services so whatever your business, we can empower a 3D printing roadmap for you.

Consult us on 3D Printing Strategies available in today’s additive manufacturing technology to empower the next generation of rapid prototyping.

We are experts in everything 3D printing related. A one-stop-shop for 3D printer sales, consulting, 3D printer repair and professional 3D print services.

For professional, industrial and commercial grade 3D printing, we are the authorised distributor of CreatBot 3D Printers in NZ. Entry level & enthusiast 3D makers will appreciate our Wanhao 3D Printers available at very affordable prices. All our 3D printers are easy to use and can be found in schools, colleges and maker spaces all across New Zealand.

Get the best price & the best after sales service from our local Auckland office.

Whatever your requirements, we have a 3D printer to suit your needs. Please get in touch with our NZ based team.

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3D print with functional high strength materials like:
HT high temperature 100 deg C co-polymer plastic filament
XT High Impact Clear Polycarbonate like Filament
XT CF-20 Carbon Fibre 3D Printing filament
nGen Amphora Co-polyester 80 deg C 3d printer filament

3D print jewellery with metal infill plastic filament:
Steel Fill 3D printer filament
Bronze Fill 3D printer plastic
Wood Fill 3D printer plastic
Bamboo Fill 3D printing filament

Print metallic items with metallic plastic filaments:

Bronze Fill PLA
Copper Fill PLA
Aluminium Filled PLA
Steel Filled PLA
Gold nGen
Silver nGen

NinjaFlex Flexible Filament – the world’s #1 flexible plastic

3D Print Technologies offered:

SLS Laser 3D Print Service – For High Accuracy and Functionality

FDM 3D Print Service – Versatile 3D Printing Technology for multiple needs

SLA Resin 3D Printing Service – For Superior Precision 3D Printing

MJP Multijet 3D Printing Service – For Detailed Complex & multi-material 3D Printing

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