Lightweight compact portable 3d scanners that you can hold in your hand & move around the object to capture a range of items as well as entire scenes. From small parts, through to a car or even a boat, there is a lot these scanners can 3d scan.

3D Scanning is used for everything from Reverse Engineering through to Quality Control & analysis.
If you want to design a component that fits around an existing system, 3d scanning is a fast way & accurate way to know what you are model around.

If you want to learn more about how 3d scanning fits ito your additive manufacturing advantage, please contact us.

Combined with out Free Training, we’ve implemented 3d scanners in the for a vast range of companies in New Zealand & Australia to help them maximise their productivity.

We will be happy to discuss the right solution to help you correctly implement 3d scanners to accelerate your design & manufacturing process.


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