Phrozen is the World Leader in LCD Resin based Large Scale high resolution 3D Printers. They were the first to offer resin 3d printers that were large in size, & had a resolution that was comparable to other smaller resin 3d printers on the market.

Their respected 3d printers like the Mega8k offers a 15″ screen with 43 micron XY resolution, & propelled Phrozen to the top of the affordable large scale Resin 3d printing technology.

Phrozen also makes excellent resins. They are high speed, fast printing, with low viscosity & very low odour compared to many other resins on the market.
They provide excellent integration with Phrozen 3d printers thanks to pre-set settings in chitubox slicing software, & this makes the Phrozen resin printing system to be the easiest to use in our experience.

We are very proud to be the Official Phrozen Reseller in New Zealand & offer their amazing game changing technology to Kiwis.