3D Scanners

New Zealand’s Best 3D Scanners

We supply the finest 3D Scanners available, included the ground breaking Matter & Form Three 3D Scanner.

From a Coin to a Truck, there is nothing this scanner can’t handle thanks to its unique variable auto focus lenses.

The MF3 is such a game changer that we have stopped selling other 3d scanners as the MF3 just replaces them at a price that is 25% of the competition.

These 3D Scans can be exported into any 3D CAD program, Reverse Engineered, & 3D Printed with minimal post processing.

These scanners don’t require hours & hours of post processing to get usable parts, like you might have to do with other brands.

They also don’t require a computer costing more than the scanner to run them! Just connect it to any device, & you have a powerful scanning system.

With Matter & Form 3, you’ll be a 3D Scanning expert making High Precision 3D Scans in no time.