DLP 3D Printer

DLP 3d printers are the professional grade resin 3d printing technology today avaialble in a desktop format as well as an industrial format. Thanks to their higher power light sources, they offer a much larger selection of materials, accuracy, precision, sharpness & a much longer life compared to cheaper LCD based resin 3d printers.
DLP printers project entire layer images across the build plate from a single light source.

LCD screens use multiple pixels with LEDs, which have a signifcant amount of light bleed in each pixel. This causes exposure bleed & inherent rounding of parts as they are formed.
DLP systems can provide consistent high power necessary across the surface area, in comparison to LCD printers.

The error in a LCD printer is so high, that even though the pixel may be smaller, the DLP system will outperform the LCD printers final output quality.

Please book an appointment with us if you would like to see some comparison parts 3d printed on LCD & DLP 3d printers.