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  • eSun PA-CF Carbon Fiber Nylon Filament

    3D Printer Store is Introducing the most functional 3D Printing filaments from the world to our New Zealand 3D Makers. We have NZ's Largest range of filaments in stock ready to send from right here in Auckland! Important Note:  Most Carbon Fibre Filaments on the market are not really 'Carbon Fibre performance'. They are simply PLA with 5% of Carbon fibre mixed in. These offer NO improvement to functional capability as the base polymer is still PLA with only 5% fibre. They simply look like Carbon but will still soften at 55C, & crack as easily as cheap PLA does. These filaments will also 'De-Laminate' quickly under load. Please be careful of these filaments & ONLY use them for cosmetic things. This Nylon has 20% Carbon Fibre in it. High Strength, High Rigidity, Good Toughness, Wear Resisting Good flame resistance, Flame-retardant Level: UL94-V2; 2.85mm Filament diameter designed for 3mm compatible 3d printer, like Ultimaker, Creatbot, Taz etc PA Nylon has several advantages as a material. Adding 20% of Carbon Fibre increases its heat resistance! CF also minimise the negative challenges of 3d printing with Nylon. Thats why our esun ePA-CF carbon fibre filament has several actual usable advantages as a true functional 3d printing material.

    Recommend Print Settings: Please see our article here on how to 3D Print Carbon Fibre

    Active Heated chamber recommended for the best performance. Consider our Creatbot F-430 3D Printer if you intend to 3D Print Functional Carbon Fibre parts in a production like manner.
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    EVOLV3D™ USM (Universal Support Material)

    Imagine using only one WATER SOLUBLE support material for EVERY TYPE of 3D Printer Filament you 3d print with. Wash it easily in room temperature water that can be drained safely under the tap, without hazardous caustic baths. Please welcome to New Zealand, the Edison Award Winner of 2018 - Evolv3d USM by DOW chemicals USA. This Water soluble support filament works perfectly with ABS, PLA, PET, Nylon & most other common 3d printing materials. Print Head Temperature Range 165°C to 250°C It is just like PVA filament, only better.. Suitable in 3d printers with active heated chambers - beautiful match for our Creatbot F430 3d printer. Approx 500 gram roll in 1.75mm