Esun PLA plus in 5Kg rolls for non stop 3d printing!

The same quality & reliability of Esun’s advanced PLA plus 3d printer filament is now available in larger PLA+ rolls.
Perfect to 3D Print large items without having to  change over materials.

In some cases, rolls end in the middle of the night.
When you resume in the morning, a tiny line can form where the roll was changed over.
Using large 5 kg spools eliminates these issues & provides for clean perfect surfaces on 3d prints every time!

Please note that these spools are bigger than popular 1kg spools but can be used fine with most 3d printers.
They can be laid flat outside most 3d printers easily. They will continue to unwind for quite some time.
And then finally as the amount of filament on spool reduces you can even hang them up.

Diameter approx 300mm & height (thickness) approx 200mm.

As always, we’re focused on bringing the latest products to kiwi 3D printers in New Zealand.