ColorFabb Carbon Fibre Fill XT-CF20 3D Printing Filament

$100.00 +gst


Color Fabb XT CF20 Carbon 3D Printing Filament

3d printing with carbon fibres on your own desktop 3d printer!

Carbon-fibre as a material is no stranger to praise.
When you desire impact resistance, flexibility & acoustic damping – carbon has several benefits.

Made using Eastman Amphoras the Color Fabb specialty materials are considerd to be the worlds most functional 3D Printing plastic materials. With uses in everything from end use parts through to hi-tech hi density parts in Aerospace, there is nothing cf-20 cant take on.

The XT CF 20 has 20% carbon fibres in the co-polymer blend, so it is still printable at very similar configuration as standard PLA.

And like everything colorfabb, it looks amazing!

Please note that you may want to upgrade to a steel nozzle if you intend to print a lot with the CF due to slight increase in nozzle wear & tear as you print the harder carbon fibres from your nozzle.
For occassional use, the stock brass nozzle is ok.