ColorFabb VarioShore TPU Made in Netherlands – A First in New Zealand

What is Varioshore? Its the First Flexible TPU filament of its kind to use active foaming technology to achieve lightweight, low density Flexible parts with a variable shore hardness based on the print temperature you choose.
Depending on the print temperature, this material will start foaming, increasing its volume up to 2 times.
This allows the material to simulate softness right down to 50A Shore Hardness which has never been possible before in FDM 3D Printing.
So you can get the softness you desire by simply changing the print temperature / flow rate.
This material greatly reduces weight & density of parts if you print it hotter to make it foam. And at the same time you nca make stiffer parts if you print at a lower temp where it will not foam.

Checkout the ColorFabb’s printing guidelines for Varioshore to learn more

This material EXPANDS as its printed from out of the nozzle so you use a lot less of it, making it easier to 3d print than soft TPU but while getting softer performance than standard TPU!
So if you’ve got bowden 3d printers & want to 3d print a soft part, you want to try this out..

2.85mm Natural Colour roll 750 grams weight.

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