ColorFabb XT CPE Grey 3D Printing Filament

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ColorFabb XT CPE Grey 3D Printing Filament

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Color Fabb XT Grey CPE 3D Printing Filament from Netherlands

ColorFabb XT is an advanced CoPolyester Made using superior Eastman Amphora additives into a PET based blend.
So it is still printable at very similar configuration as standard PETG, but offers all the advantages of a Copolyester.

It is BPA free & can be used for food & medical grade packaging.

When you desire impact resistance, flexibility, higher temperature handling & Food safety, CPE will out perform Petg every time.
And like everything colorfabb, it looks amazing with exceptional surface finish!

This is a Dark Grey colour. Check out the other XT colours we have as well.
You can Learn all about how to 3d print these excellent XT CPE filaments here.

In stock

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Made using Eastman Amphoras the ColorFabb specialty materials are considerd to be the worlds most functional 3D Printing plastic materials.
With uses in everything from end use parts through to hi-tech hi density parts in Aerospace, there is nothing XT CPE cant take on.

It handles operating temperatures up to 100 C, which is substantially higher than PETG.

XT will print fine on most standard 3d printers that have a 260C hot end. A heated bed is highly recommended, atleast 80C.
PEI sheets are the best surface to use with crystalline polymers as they provide naturally good adhesion to PET CPE based materials,

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Dimensions 21 × 21 × 7 mm

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