Water Soluble Universal Support Material – First In NZ!

Water Soluble Universal Support Material – First In NZ!

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EVOLV3D™ USM (Universal Support Material)

Imagine using only one WATER SOLUBLE support material for EVERY TYPE of 3D Printer Filament you 3d print with.
Wash it easily in room temperature water that can be drained safely under the tap, without hazardous caustic baths.

Please welcome to New Zealand, the Edison Award Winner of 2018 – Evolv3d USM by DOW chemicals USA.

This Water soluble support filament works perfectly with ABS, PLA, PET, Nylon & most other common 3d printing materials.
Print Head Temperature Range 165°C to 250°C
It is just like PVA filament, only better..

Suitable in 3d printers with active heated chambers – beautiful match for our Creatbot F430 3d printer.

Approx 500 gram roll in 1.75mm

Out of stock


Do you 3d print in ABS, ABS-PC, PetG etc & have experienced the challenges of using PVA with those materials?

Almost impossible!

Are you a regular ABS 3d printer who had to retort to using HIPS support material with ABS 3d printing & then use hazardous Dlimonene to dissolve HIPS.
Limonene Fumes are TOXIC & nasty for your lungs.

The new DOW USM is the best news for owners of dual head 3D Printers because for the first time we are truly able to use a single, simple, safe, water soluble support material to use for advanced materials instead of having to use only PLA with PVA.

DOW USM prints at identical settings to PVA, it doesn’t ooze or drip as much as PVA does.
Like all water soluble supports, it will absorb moisture, but you can dry it out easily in room temperature!
Gone are the days of having to leave PVA at 50C for 4 hrs just to make it usable again.

There is a reason it won the Edison award – & we are really happy to be the first Kiwi company to bring this technology to our NZ 3D Printing community.

Watch this space, where there is innovation, you can count on 3D Printer Store to boldly supply what no one else wants to stock here in New Zealand!