ABS 3D Printer Filament White colour in 1 KG Roll

Our high quality Esun ABS Plastic Filament in designed to work perfectly in a wide range of 3d printers.

We offer many colours: Black, White, Silver / Grey, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow.
Please check our other items to order the colour you want.
This is a roll of White ABS. It is opague, not translucent.

ABS is a highly functional filament & offers the advantages of high strength, flexibility & high temperature resistance.
It is the most affordable of production grade plastics available to 3d print with.

These rolls will work with all popular 3D printers like Creatbot, Flashforge, Prusa, Makerbot, UP, Wanhao, Dremel, Creality, etc

We encourage customers to move to open platform non-proprietary 3d printers that support 1Kg rolls so that you can get more value out of the materials.
0.5Kg rolls cost more than 1Kg relatively, so it is a good idea to use 1Kg rolls even if it means leaving the roll outside the machine.