Why our PLA-CF filament?
Did you know that most Carbon Fiber reinforced PLA filaments have only 5% of Carbon in them?
Our filament has 20% Carbon Fibre in it – making for a substantial improvement to PLA 3d filaments.
We hunted long & far to find a PLA Plus CF that actually performs like it should, & finally have got one made to our specification using PLA plus rather than standard PLA & adding fibre to it.

Improved toughness & higher flexural strength are just the beginning.
Add Improved surface abrasion resistance, meaning prints wont be scratched easily over other materials.
Expect improved peak temperature handling performance, meaning a short burst of temperature won’t instantly melt your part.
And the Good looks are a bonus.

The surface finish of our PLA is smooth & the material is more reliable to 3d print than cheaper options.
We still recommend using 0.6mm nozzles for big prints, but 0.4mm is not a problem for standard 3d printing.