Esun High Speed PLA Plus 1Kg Pine Green 3D Printer Filament now in NZ

3D Print with PLA+ & get higher flexibility, impact strength & easy to remove supports. As easy to print as standard PLA+ & yet highly functional, PLA+HS is the future of PLA.

Fast printing requires materials that can melt and cool quickly. However, to balance the speed of material melting and cooling, the physical properties of materials printed at fast speeds usually declines. In order to provide 3D printed products with superior mechanical performance despite being printed fast, Esun has developed an upgraded formulation of PLA+ called ePLA+HS is specifically designed to match high-speed printing and offers enhanced toughness.

It continues to work perfectly on all 3D Printers so you can 3d print with thicker nozzles more easily.
This will mean faster 3d printing for everyone, & not just for a Bambu or a K1.

PLA is naturally sourced, compostible & bio-degradable. It is the easiest material to 3d print.

Our range of eSun PLA+HS colours is growing everyday.
This is the eSun Olive Green.
For a lighter green shade, please consider the Peak Green Colour.
And for a tree green look, please consider the Esun Pine Green.