Most transparent 405nm resins usually turn a little yellowish after printing, resulting in poor clarity.

eResin-PMMA Like is highly transparent as it contains anti-yellowing products developed specifically to solve this problem.

It is presently our clearesr general purpose LCD Resin suited for all 405nm range of UV 3d printers like the Phrozen, Anycubic, Creality, Elegoo etc.

This is a clear resin, however like all clear resins designed for common LCD printers of the 400nm range, it will not stay 100% transparent. The level of opacity will depend on the the UV exposure during the printing as well as the post-curing.

Since every single 3d printer, lcd screen type, light pattern, & curer all have different characterstics, some amount of experimentation is usually needed to get the best possible optical clarity.