This package includes our #1 selling F430 advanced 3d printer with a selection of common filaments, advanced materials & recommended accessories.
If you are looking to further your 3d printing using ultra performance materials, this bundle has everything you need to get started.
You’ll still get the Free Training & Delivery too.

Buying this bundle will save you $400!
Choose $800 worth of any items, you’re getting them HALF PRICE.

Here are some popular items we suggest you to consider from:

PLA filament (super easy versatile filament, a must have)
Petg filament (easy yet capable, handles 65C & is a dense non-brittle material)
Carbon Fiber reinforced PETg filament (easy to print, good stiffness, handles 85C with low moisture uptake)
ABS reinforced Carbon Fiber Filament (best light weight filament that offers impact resistance, 120C temp, & light weight parts)
ESD safe ABS (excellent for electronic components that may be near magnetic fields)
Nylon PA filament (great for bushes & places with lubrication or chemicals)
Polycarbonate Filament (excellent heat resistance, impact resistance, & flexibility)
PEKK ultra performance filament (as good as PEEK yet easier to print on F430)
Martensitic & Stainless nozzles, heat brake tubes
Hot end parts like temp sensors & heaters
Garolite bed sheet & glues (a great build surface for the F430, & a good glue helps with printing Nylons)

Choose any filaments & items worth $800. Here are some common filaments that make a good bundle:

Want a package customised to your specific needs? No problem, we can make a package deal that suits your needs.
Please contact us & we’ll make a discounted package just for you.