Flexible 3D Filament TPU eFlex 87A 1.75mm 1Kg Natural White

Flexible 3D Filament TPU eFlex 87A 1.75mm 1Kg Natural White

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eFlex 90A TPE Flexible 3D Printing Filament

Thermoplastic Elastomeric is a broad category of flexible plastic filaments.
This is grade 90A which is quite flexible, yet slightly easier to 3d print than the softer grade like 85A.

This grade was designed because to work better with most popular direct drive extruder 3d printers including Creatbot, Makerbot, FlashForge Creator, Prusa, Wanhao, etc without requiring extensive modifications.

It has a better chance of working with common 3d printers, however you will still have better results when using a direct drive 3d printer.
For cheaper bowden machines we recommend you start with Grade 95A as it is most likely to print successfully.

This is a 1 KG roll of 1.75mm Natural coloured Flexible plastic filament, slightly opague.

If you want very rubbery stretchy prints that could even be used for some gaskets, please see our NinjaFlex filament.
If you want very durable rubbery 3d prints that exhibit some similarity to HDPE / LDPE then please consider NinjaTech Cheetah Filament

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We also sell the superb Flexion Extruder kit which is the best extruder upgrade on the market – to print flexible filaments as easily as PLA.

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