IncredaFILL™ – Ultimate Starter Kit

This ready-mixed, urethane-polymer filler uses the advanced technology of UV (Ultra-Violet) light to cure in an instant! This highly versatile material will adhere to most surfaces, including plastics, glass & metal. Apply a thin layer of IncredaFILL™ to any surface, then use the portable UV torch and watch it set rock hard! This 100% solid material was specially formulated using the latest microparticle technology. Once cured, UV & water-resistant, non-shrinking & non-cracking filler can be sanded then finished with any paint or varnish.

The IncredaFILL™ Ultimate Starter kit includes everything you need. The individual containers can be purchased separately when more material is needed.

1 x 350 grams IncredaFILL™ filler paste
1 x 18650 Rechargeable Battery
1 x Pair Wrap UV400 Safety Glasses
1 x UV LED 395nm Torch
1 x USB Battery Smart Recharger
3 x Plastic Filler Applicators