Castable Wax like 3D Printing Resin for Jewellery

Castable Wax like 3D Printing Resin for Jewellery

$190.00 +gst

Phrozen Violet Castable Jewelry 3D Printing Resin

We’re happy to introduce the new Wax like Jewelry casting resin by Phrozen.
Phrozen is revolutionising SLA 3D Printing resins by offering cutting edge formulations that provide better results than ever before at an amazing price point.

Specially designed for jewellery casting, Phrozen’s Wax-like Castable Resins burn cleanly to provide reliable casting for all types of models, especially jewelry and any high precision dental parts.

This is a violet resin, & is superior to most of the cheaper green dental casting resins you will find. These Violet resins can be used in dentristry as well, they are will offer finer details to most green products.

Very similar casting properties to the Wax resin models used by Jewellers, & works with common burnout cycles.

Please see the Burnout schedule image supplied by Phrozen that you can send to your casting company, or follow for casting yourself.

We recommend cleaning these wax print parts with our special resin cleaning liquid inside an ultrasonic cleaner, after which you should cure them in a heated curer like our FlashForge FC1 cure box.

This will provide low-shrinkage, high-precision models that will cast ash free with far less surface aberration.
It will also have low water absorption during the printing process, giving you more consistent results than other castable resins on the market.

Designed to be sent to your foundry for casting into any metal including gold, silver, platinum etc

We recommend DLP technology to work with wax based resins, though common LCD printers will work fine as well.

These resins are compatible with most mSLA LCD DLP style 3D Printers including our FlashFroge Hunter DLP, Phrozen Mega 8k, Sonic XL, & Transform 3D Printers. Can also be used with other 3d printer brands that use the 360-420nm UV spectrum resins like Anycubic Photon, Elegoo Mars, Epax, Wanhao, Creality LDR etc.

500ml can of violet resin

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phrozen wax casting resin for jewelry 3d printing

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