Kevlar is inherently flame resistant, protecting against thermal hazards up to 420 deg C. Additionally, Kevlar® fibers won’t melt, drip or support combustion. Once popular in bullet proof vests, DuPont’s kevlar is today available as an additive in advanced 3d printing filaments.

The addition of Kevlar reduces the warping tendency of ABS making it much easier to 3d print.
It has the highest strength to weight ratio in the class of non-crystalline materials.

Made by 3D4Makers in Netherlands.

We’re proud to be the first company to bring 3d printable kevlar filament for FDM 3d printers into the Australia New Zealand region.

500g roll 1.75mm

Black Colour matted finish thanks to the Kevlar fibers.

Can be 3d printed with 0.4mm hardened nozzles, though 0.6mm would be better.
Processing temperature range same as standard ABS filaments ~ 260C making it very accessible to use with a vast range of fdm 3d printers on the market.