Nylon 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm – Natural PA

Nylon 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm – Natural PA

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PA Nylon Filament

Pure PA Natural Nylon has several advantages as a plastic.
High Strength, High Flexibility, High Surface Abrasion Resistance, Excellent Chemical & Petroleum Resistance.
Nylon is suited perfectly in lubricating applications for bearings, gears & pulleys with belts.

Nylon is a challenging material to 3d print. Active Heated chamber recommended for the best performance.
Please consider advanced 3d printers such as the Creatbot F-430 3D Printer if you intend to 3D Print Functional parts frequently.

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Esun ePA-CF Features:

1. Environmentally friendly, Nylon based, 20% carbon fiber.

2. Printing smoothly, odorlessness, matte finish printing effect.

3. High Strength, High Rigidity, Good Toughness, Wear Resisting, Fitting to 3D print industrial parts.

4. Heat Deflection Temperature 140℃

5. Compared with Nylon, it has lower shrink rate and distortion, high accuracy without warped edge.

6. Good flame resistance, Flame-retardant level: UL94-V2.

7. Stainless steel nozzle recommended for extensive use with Carbon or Metal filaments. Brass nozzles are ok for occasssional use.

Please remember that these materials are more advanced than standard PLA so your 3D Printer, & your settings need to be tuned.
All materials with additives like Carbon or Metal can cause the nozzle to block more frequently.
Using a 0.6mm or fatter nozzle significantly helps with this but you must experiment with slow speed & reduced retraction to get the best results.

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