Phrozen ACF Film – High Speed – 450mm x 280mm – Mega 15″ printers

Phrozen ACF Film – High Speed – 450mm x 280mm – Mega 15″ printers

$90.00 +gst

Latest ACF Film for 15″ LCD Resin 3D Printers

The new Phrozen ACF film is designed with a non-stick and smoother film surface for more efficient 3D printing.
Compared to FEP and PFA (nFEP) film, the ACF film features a better release, reducing the printing time and increasing the success rate.
ACF is the strongest, & has the highest tear tolerance. It also has the lowerst peel force so suction forces are minised & you have the best print possible.

NFEP film (also called PFA Film) is better than the old FEP film to reduce suction forces.
ACF takes this to a whole new level.

ACF film is the best choice for printign high performance enginering resins such as the Onyx series, Henkel & BASF industrial series, etc.

It is a sginifcatly bettter non-stick surface so it reduces peel forces greatly.
So parts are less likely to stick to film or pop off from the build plate.

This FEP Film is suitable for the biggest of printers like Phrozen Mega 8K 15″, Transform 13″, etc
Can also work with smaller DLP LCD 3D Printers, simply cut the sheet in half & you have multiple ACFs!

This will work with Metal or Plastic vats.
Very easy to use. Simply open the screws on your vat, remove the old FEP sheet, & put this sheet in place.

Please see the video below to see how easily you can change the FEP on your Phrozen Sonic Mini Resin 3D Printers.

You should change your FEP film when its cloudy, has excessive scratches, or you find the prints stick to it too easily rather than the bed. Depending on several factors, this is usually around 200 hrs of use.
FEP is like a car tyre, you can have the best mechanics but without a good tyre, you’re asking for trouble.
We keep our prices on consumables cheap to help kiwis get the best results with 3d printers without prolonging the need to replace important components.

Also check out the PlateBond Adhesion Promotor to help your base layers stick better to the bed of your resin 3d printer when using challenging materials at faster speeds.


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