Phrozen Aqua series Clear Resin 1 Litre

A versatile clear resin that offers fast 3d printing with significantly reduced tining & yellowing of 3d prints.
This is the perfect resin for general purpose protoyping of high accuracy transparent parts.
Most clear resins turn yellow almost instantly when printed. And they become cloudy when cured.
TO reduce this, some resin makers have added blue dye into clear resins to make them look less yellow, however that is not an actual solution.
With the Phrozen Aqua clear, you get PMMA like results without tinting thanks to its advanced photoinitiaters that exhibit lower heat than other products on the market.

These resins are designed to work on all popular LCD mSLA style 3d printers of 380-420nm range including Phrozen, Anycubic, Creality, Wanhao, Elegoo, Longer, etc.

They also support a high speed layer curing of as little as 1.2 seconds per layer when 3d printed on the new Phrozen Sonic 3D Printers!

1Kg bottle of Phrozen Aqua Clear Resin in stock right here in Auckland & ready to ship NZ wide.

Any questions please feel free to contact us.