Esun PLA+ 3D Printing Filament 1.75mm 1KG Black

We have only the Best 3D Printing Filaments in New Zealand so that you get the Best 3D Prints possible.
Esun PLA+ is the advanced formula of PLA. It has higher impact resistance, flex strength & is much easier to remove support materials.
Its also easier to sand & paint compared to standard PLA. Try our PLA plus & you will never look back.

This is a nice deep Black with a clean sheen for beautiful contrast.
Solid opague colour, not translucent. We sell some Translucent colours too please see other rolls.

Our 1.75mm PLA 3d filament delivers great 3D Prints reliably in several 3d printers including Creatbot, FlashForge, Prusa, Creality, Makerbot, Dremel, UP, Wanhao, Tevo, Anet etc.

This is 1kg roll of PLA Filament.
Our 1Kg PLA spools have a large 55mm centre diameter with a standard 200mm outer diameter to allow fitting on most 3d printer machines even if they have larger centre spindles.