PolyCarbonate 3D Printing Filament 1.75mm 1Kg Black

PolyCarbonate 3D Printing Filament 1.75mm 1Kg Black

$70.00 +gst

Esun Pure PolyCarbonate Filament from 3D Printer Store

Poly-Carbonate commonly referred to as just PC, is one of the most capable Functional Polymers in the world.
PC is the King of cost-effective engineering thermoplastics thanks to High Temperature resistance, UV stability & Flame Retarding.

Flame retardant level: UL94:V2
Pure PC handles a whooping 140C continuous operating temperature – only to be beaten by PEI / PEEK
Print temperature range: 240-280℃;

Black PolyCarbonate Esun Filament 0.5Kg in 1.75mm

ABS will only handle 85C in most continuous high temperature applications.
You can boil water in pure PC but you can’t in ABS or any blended PC-ABS.
Pure PC is thus food safe & common in food containers.


What is ‘Pure’ PC ?
The vast majority of PolyCarbonate 3D Filament used is mixed with ABS & thus called ABS-PC.
While ABS blended PC is slightly better than ABS, it loses the biggest benefits of PC
Pure PolyCarbonate is just polycarbonate without inferior plastic blended into it.

3D Printing PC has some challenges but it is very easy to get right.
Heat the bed as hot as your machine supports, ideally 110C +.
Use a PEI sheet for bed adhesion. Please see our popular 300×300 PEI sheets here.
Using active chamber heating is highly recommend as PC warps a lot.

Note: PC Fumes have a strong odour.
We recommend you use PC only with an enclosed 3d printer.
If you must use an open frame unit, please setup extraction or at least have very good active ventilation.
For frequent Polycarbonate 3d printing, consider a machine with active chamber filters, like our Creatbot F430