PPSU 3D Printer Filament Sample

For demanding applications where all else would fail, advanced performance materials like PPSU / PPSF / PSU & PEEK are needed.
Strongest 3D Printing plastic available in 3d printing filament form.
Handle up to 250C continuous operating temperature with Short term temperature performance ~ 300 deg C.

Small sample around 10 metres long filament wire.

The most dense semi-crystalline polymer thats 3d printable, yet close enough to aluminium in many applications.
Chemically resistant to most corrosive substances & high resistance to aqueous conditions. Used extensively in Aerospace & Automotive applications where you need mechanical strength even at high temperature.
Extremely common in medical device manufactuing for use in clinical autoclaves for sterilisation.
BioMedical material that can be used for the human body, dental implants, joint replacements, the list goes on.

Since PEEK is exorbitantly expensive, we are offering small quantities for our kiwi 3D makers who want to try this cutting edge material.

This listing is for 20 grams of natural colour PPSU, please buy as required.

IMPORTANT NOTE: PPSU is a challenging plastic to 3d print, but SAFE.

Please read our Article here on how to start with PEEK family materials.


Myth Busters:
3D Printer makers whose machines can not possibly 3d print peek have decided to propagate scary rumours that PEEK & related materials emits Toxic industrial gases.. This is FALSE.
Infact PPSU emits less nauseating odour than PolyCarbonate does!

Of course we recommend that you DO NOT try to 3d print peek class filament on any 3d printer that is not clearly rated as peek capable.
And please do not simply modify the heater on your machine to get hot & expect it to magically perform – it won’t.
But at least you can feel safe in knowing it is not a poisonous substance when you do work with it.

If you need consistent peek 3d printing, please consider buying our Creatbot F430 PEEK 3d printer.